Tackling the 7 Challenges and Unleashing the Power of B2B Value

What sometimes seems to be forgotten is that the pursuit of a value orientation to the business involves a lot more than just the sales force. Selling on value involves organisational change, not just a sales force training workshop. The…

Raise Price to Increase Volume? The PPS Spring Conference and Pricing Strategy

This month the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) hosted their 27th Spring Conference in Chicago. I have attended many PPS conferences over the years and it’s always a great opportunity to re-connect with customers and colleagues. Kevin Mitchell’s team always does…

Identifying Your Value in Your Customer’s Supply Chain

Read this if your product is sold to OEMs or through distribution channels! We’ve written many a blog post about customer value quantification: namely the virtues, the challenges, and most importantly the how-to-do-its. So if you are interested in that…

Selling to the C-Suite: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Any C-suite meeting for B2B sales teams is an important event. It represents that rare opportunity to access decision-makers directly, to leverage senior management in motivating customer teams and to break the logjam of customer inaction. Yet the outcome of…

Q&A Session from Bayer CropScience Case Study Webinar

Last September we were fortunate to have Ingo Hennecke, Global Pricing Manager at Bayer CropScience share his story of how to execute a value strategy in a competitive, global market. Bayer CropScience is a large global organization that operates in…

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