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5 C’s of Value Selling and Value Pricing

Insights from Mike Wilkinson “Why don’t customers buy? Frequently the reason they don’t buy is because they do not understand or appreciate the value that we can deliver to them,” explains Mike Wilkinson, Co-founder and Director of Axia Value Solutions…

Why Millennials get close more deals

How B2B Pricing and Sales Teams Can Overcome The 7 Challenges of Value

“Value is a mystery…We do not define value. Our customers define value. Our job as a business, and as a sales team is to solve the value mystery,” explains Mike Wilkinson, Co-founder and Director of Axia Value Solutions and co-author…

Sustaining Exceptional Profitability through Value Management

Insights from Dr. Thomas Nagle There was a dramatic difference in how successful CEOs and CFOs responded to the Great Recession and a dramatic difference in the resulting pricing and profitability of those companies that shifted their focus from market…

Startups – Create Your First Value Proposition in Under an Hour – Part 4 Calculating Differentiated Value (minutes 20 – 40)

By Aaron Williams, Software Developer, LeveragePoint Editor’s note: At LeveragePoint, the concept of value-based pricing is important to every member of the company. In this blog post, one of LeveragePoint’s software developers, Aaron Williams, provides insights on value-based pricing for…

What is Economic Value Estimation (EVE)?

Every product has a price tag, but you never see a “value tag.”  A value tag tells the customer “what’s it worth for me?” to buy the product.  Economic theory says that customers are willing to pay more for products…

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