A Value Model for Johnson & Johnson Coronary Stents

Pricing healthcare has to be one of the most challenging tasks in the profession. Rising healthcare costs and debate over how best to manage and pay for them is a hot-button issue. Treacherous waters indeed for sales and marketing professionals…

Bridging the Silos of Marketing, Pricing & Sales

In the field of Value Management, a vast wealth of untapped knowledge lies trapped within the minds of sales professionals, pricing experts and marketing strategists. All too often, that’s where it stays, with no connections made between the silos. Brian…

Professional Pricing Society’s Spring 2010 Conference

Today is the first full-day of the Professional Pricing Society’s Spring Conference. Turnout for this year’s conference has been excellent – over 500 attendees. I attended Dr. Tom Nagle keynote presentation this morning on Advantage-Based Marketing.  Some key nuggets: When…

Advantage-Based Marketing Critical to Corporate Strategy

There are signals that China—whose artificially deflated currency and price supports have driven its economy for years—may soon allow the Yuan to appreciate. If it does, China will have to focus selectively on markets and market segments where it can…

Tom Nagle Discusses iPad vs. Kindle on the HBR Blog

LeveragePoint advisor Tom Nagle recently put up a post on the Harvard Business Review’s blog. “A clash of the titans will erupt on Saturday when Apple releases its iPad: it will be Amazon, with most e-books costing $9.99, versus Apple,…

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