Time to Educate Your Sales Team About Professional Buyers

“Your competitor’s price is 25% less, if you don’t lower your price you are out.” This type of threat from a professional buyer happens almost every day. Whether you sell services, industrial goods, or high-end medical devices, the story is…

How B2B Enterprises Drive Profitability with Customer Value: Where to Start?

The best B2B enterprises win by selling differentiated products and offerings.  They win profitably by realizing prices that reflect the customer value of their differentiation.   They win profitably and consistently by understanding, quantifying and communicating the value of their…

Why Millennials get close more deals

Value-based Pricing is More than a Pricing Strategy!

Let me open this post with a very direct statement: Value-based Pricing is not just a pricing strategy. It is a go-to-market strategy. It is a customer-focused approach that touches segmentation, differentiation, communication and much more. Why am I making…

4 Common Types of Intangible Value Drivers That Can Differentiate B2B Offerings

Intangible value drivers (often considered “soft” value drivers like brand, quality, or reliability) are critical factors in the B2B product design, pricing, and sales process since these items are not easily replicated by new or low-cost competitors. Quantifying this value delivers…

Making Customer Value Central to Product Innovation

B2B enterprises that are most advanced in value-based pricing strategy embed understanding customer value in their innovation process.  Innovation is important, but not the kind that involves letting a bunch of engineers design the best product or service that they…

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