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Customer Preference: Knowledge & Expertise – Using Customer Value and Speed to Build Trust with Buyers

We all operate in competitive marketplaces where there’s been an influx in competitors – you could be competing against two, three, four, five, six competitors on every deal. At the end of the day, customers get information overload and look…

A Little Negotiation Mistake That’s Costing You Sales and Margin

I’ve had a number of conversations recently with sales leaders facing aggressive buyers, purchasing games, and price erosion. For incumbent suppliers, buyers use the typical threat “all these products are the same, it now comes down to price.” This is…

Choosing the Best Unit of Measure When Comparing the Value of Your Product Versus Alternatives

The critical step of defining a unit of measure can be easily overlooked when determining your product’s value versus alternatives. A best practice is to choose an important customer key performance metric (KPI) that is relevant when comparing your product’s…

The Impact of Pricing Is Real

The power and impact of pricing on the bottom line cannot be denied nor ignored. There exists a large body of academic and practitioner research demonstrating the positive impact that pricing can have on firms’ gross margins and also on…

Value-based Strategies: Getting Trade Channels on Board

Can you deploy value-based strategies without having the trade channels on board? The answer is simple: no you cannot. What happens when you go through trade channels that have their own processes, goals, and buying behaviors? How do you avoid…

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