How does Pricing Excellence Benefit Buyers (and not just sellers)?

Many buyers are concerned when they hear that one of their suppliers has a new focus on pricing excellence and is implementing pricing software, whether this be a value-based platform like LeveragePoint or an analytics and optimization platform from PROS,…

Having a Conversation On Differential Value with Customers

Ask the Expert with Dr. Tom Nagle: Having a conversation on value TWO QUESTIONS FROM A SPECIALTY CHEMICALS COMPANY Q. Some of our customers require a price quote before they will have any discussions with us where we can introduce…

Change – Value – Cloud Were Key Themes at the Professional Pricing Society’s Chicago Annual Spring Conference

The Professional Pricing Society, the leading organization supporting the development of pricing excellence and pricing professionals around the world, held its 2012 Spring Conference last week in Chicago. We observed three main themes after speaking with many visitors at our…

Pricing Myths: Alive and Kicking!

Guest Post by Stephan Liozu For the past ten years, practitioner’s published literature have highlighted the existence of numerous pricing myths. Many of them have disappeared with the modernization and professionalization of the pricing function in firms. Pricing has come…

Ask the Expert, Follow-Up on April Webinar, Part II: Negotiation Tips and Ideas

In our April webinar, Jim Geisman, Founder and Principal of Software Pricing Partners, talked with us about how the nuances of complex sales negotiations and ideas that can save you valuable time, money and aggravation. This is part two in a…

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