Building Strategic B2B Pricing Based on Customer Value

Creating a pricing strategy can’t just be an afterthought to a marketing strategy.  And it requires more information than is available from “price management” software, which focuses on enabling better transaction management but provides little insight into what customers value…

4 Steps to Begin Implementing Value-based Pricing

The notion that implementing a Value-based Pricing strategy is an arduous multi-year process isn’t necessarily accurate. In working with B2B enterprises we find that the process can often times take a matter of months as opposed to years, assuming four…

How B2B Pricing and Sales Teams Can Work Together

Insights from “Delivering Value Pricing Through B2B Sales Teams” Presented by Mike Wilkinson A salesperson in a room full of Global Pricing Directors, Strategic Pricing Managers, Value Analysts and the like, surely feels a little nervous. But in the presence…

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: EVE – Wielding a Versatile Tool for Clear Customer Math

Until smartphones and mobile devices appeared, the list of Universal Tools was pretty short.  A Swiss army knife was always near the top.  When I was a kid I saved up and bought the only kind of Swiss army knife…

Partner Post: Sales Negotiations: Know and Quantify Your Switching Costs

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Chris Provines’ blog. For more information on Chris, please visit his website.   I’ve had a number of conversations recently with sales leaders facing aggressive buyers and price erosion. Buyers use the typical…

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