Partner Blog: How Big is Your Moat in Pricing?

By Chris Provines Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Chris Provines’ blog. For more information on Chris, please visit his website. Warren Buffet introduced this investing concept about a decade ago. When someone thinks of a moat, they typically picture…

Surviving the Winter: My Experience with Value-based Pricing

Editor’s note: At LeveragePoint, the concept of value-based pricing is important to every member of the company. In this blog post, one of LeveragePoint’s software developers, Aaron Williams, outlines his experience using value-based pricing during his time as the CEO…

How to Quickly Capture the Financial Rewards of Value-based Pricing

[Note:  Excerpted and adapted from the forthcoming book, The ROI of Pricing, Measuring the Impact and Making the Business Case (publisher:  Routledge). For business to business (B2B) enterprises who choose a value-based pricing strategy, perhaps their biggest organizational challenge is…

Stephan Liozu Challenges U.S. Steel

In recent weeks, as many publicly traded manufacturing companies announced their quarterly projections, results have been mixed. Whereas General Electric expects an increase in earnings despite stagnating sales, others like U.S. Steel and Kennametal expect large hits to profitability, unable…

How To Quantify Intangible Value For Your Customers

How do you quantify the economic value that you provide to customers? Leading B2B companies  adopt a value-based pricing strategy, grounded in understanding how you create more value for customers with differentiated products and services. And quantifying tangible value drivers…

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