Using Value Tools to Support Value-based Selling

What’s in this webinar? Once you have dollarized customer value and prepared your first Value Propositions, the next question becomes: what do you do with them? Value-based marketing programs are created to support value-based selling. In fact marketing is the R&D…

Designing Value Propositions for Sales Conversations

What’s in this whitepaper? Value Propositions are powerful sales tools.  Value selling delivers results.  CRM data from B2B organizations that have adopted value selling demonstrate that opportunities where a Value Proposition is used result in: (1) 5-15% higher win rates…

Selling to the C-Suite: Prepare for Successful Executive Conversations

What’s in this whitepaper? In B2B companies with big ticket, innovative solutions, selling to the C-suite is regularly promoted by management as a focal point of the sales playbook. It isn’t surprising. One or two success stories from the best…

B2B Value Propositions for Sales

2-Minute Video Overview: B2B Value Propositions for Sales Learn how LeveragePoint’s Digital Value Propositions accelerate the success of B2B sales teams in this short, 2-minute video. Play the video below! LeveragePoint offers a software-as-a-service solution that aligns product, pricing, marketing,…

B2B Customer Value: Building Fluency for Conversations in the Customer’s Language

What’s in this whitepaper? Good organizations speak to their customers in their own language. Great organizations speak and think their customer’s language internally when they formulate strategy and make decisions concerning product design, pricing, as well as sales and marketing…

Ready to Dive In?


If you’d like to talk more about LeveragePoint’s Value Proposition tool, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We will listen to your needs, and help you understand if the tool is right for you.


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