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August 15, 2014
 Whenever B2B enterprises build new functionality into products they should seek to improve overall customer success metrics. To more fully understand how improvements impact customers, enterprises need to have a good set of customer success metrics and an established baseline to compare results against.
August 13, 2014
Maps capture our attention in a way that words never will.  
Before Columbus, sea monsters drew our eyes away from rough inaccurate shorelines. ...
August 08, 2014

When B2B professionals talk about “intangible” value, they often refer to so-called “soft” value drivers like brand, quality, or reliability. Despite these being critical differentiators for B2B companies, many product marketers don’t try to quantify them in tangible monetary terms.  In many cases though, these so-called “soft...
August 05, 2014

LeveragePoint's August 2014 newsletter is hot off the presses! This edition is filled with the latest value insights, product enhancement news, and customer tool tips.
This month's articles include:
 - Featured Blog Post: EVE - Wielding A Versatile Tool for Customer Math
 - New Product Release: Enhanced...
August 04, 2014
Q: Can I collaborate in real time on a value model with a colleague who is working remotely or in another office?
A: Yes, multiple people can open the same value model at the same time. This is especially useful when working with colleagues in teams of two or more. Whether your colleague is on the other side of the planet, or working at the desk right behind you, the collaboration feature allows you to work together on the same model, without huddling over the same laptop or screen.
You can...