B2B Value Strategies Blog

July 31, 2014
The July, 2014 release will enable Value Modeling and Value Selling users to more clearly quantify and articulate the value of their product offerings and share best practices. 
Enhancements include:
• Addition of industry leading graphics 
• More graphically pleasing PowerPoint presentation templates
• Improvements to value driver formulas which support advanced mathematical functions
• Reduced time to add variables to value driver formulas
• Improved search capability 

Addition of...
July 31, 2014
B2B enterprises that are most advanced in value-based pricing strategy embed understanding customer value in their innovation process.  Innovation is important, but not the kind that involves letting a bunch of engineers design the best product or service that they can conceive and...
July 29, 2014

For B2B enterprises that choose a Value-based Pricing strategy, perhaps their biggest organizational challenge is embedding best practices into the actions, decisions and behaviors of their cross-functional teams. Consistent execution is where the “rubber meets the...
July 25, 2014
Creating a pricing strategy can't just be an afterthought to a marketing strategy.  And it requires more information than is available from “price management” software, which focuses on enabling better transaction management but provides little insight into what customers value and why. To...
July 22, 2014

The notion that implementing a Value-based Pricing strategy is an arduous multi-year process isn’t necessarily accurate. In working with B2B enterprises we find that the process can often times take a matter of months as opposed to years, assuming four key steps are taken...