[Infographic] What Can LeveragePoint Value Propositions Do for You?

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Why Millennials get close more deals

Why Millennials Outsell Traditional Sales Reps: 3 Key Facets of the Digital-age Selling Strategy

There’s nothing that grinds a millennial’s gears more than wasting time. Which explains why we turn our nose up at the traditional sales approach. Cold calling, long presentations, and frequent rejection? Yeah, we’re all set. It’s tempting for managers from…

Sales Conversations that Engage B2B Buyers: The 3 Layers of a Great Value Proposition

B2B buyers usually have hectic schedules. Yet they make time for some sales conversations. Why? Busy executives take a sales call because getting live answers to a few key questions is faster than searching the internet for answers. Invariably buyers…

5 Key Characteristics of Winning B2B Sales Presentations

Highly successful B2B Sales & Marketing leaders empower their sales teams with sales presentations that engage senior decision makers and key influencers early in the sales process.  Research shows close to 80% of early buyer meetings with sales reps fail…

Value Story Telling is Key to New Product Launch Success Q&A

LeveragePoint’s January Webinar, Value Story Telling is Key to New Product Launch Success, Q&A: Why not do this all (value propositions) using spreadsheets and PowerPoints in a shared drive? This is usually the default solution. The biggest problem is it’s…

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