How to Quantify Intangible Customer Value: Part I

The first in a series of articles with practical advice for quantifying intangible customer value. “How do you quantify intangible value?” is a question we get asked a lot.  Although I enjoy answering that question, I instinctively dislike how it’s…

How Digital B2B Value Propositions with Interactive Content Win 15-25% More Competitive Deals

Simple answer: Buyers appreciate sellers who address their business problems with results-based success stories in their FIRST meeting! I passionately explain to Sales and Marketing leaders that reps are losing 80% of potential qualified sales opportunities by presenting the standard…

The Layers of Digital Value Propositions: Case Study View

In our May Customer Success Tip, I mentioned the idea of having multiple views of a single value model depending on the audience or phase of the sales process you might be in. As promised, this post kicks off our 3…

Value Propositions that Address Sales Uncertainties: Equip Sales Teams with Content Options for Customer Conversations

Do you remember your first adrenaline rush? There is a good chance that it came from fear, anxiety or stress: states of mind that happen to all of us. Some people enjoy the adrenaline and deliberately or impulsively make choices…

How Top B2B Marketing Teams Get High Grades from Sales Teams Every Day!

The majority of B2B marketing organizations are measured on achieving the company’s revenue targets assigned to sales. However, a significant gap still exists between sales presentation content produced by marketing and the content expected by sales. Sirius Decisions reports that…

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