The Value Coach’s Playbook 1.2: Midfielders. Differentiate and Identify Sources of Value

Value Coaches Ask Good Questions. Value coaches in B2B organizations are on a mission.  Our objective is to drive our teammates to strong value content by asking the right questions. Previously, we drew parallels between coaching soccer in the three…

May the Best Solution Win: Selling Strategies to Convey Your Superior Value Q&A

For our February Webinar, Mike Wilkinson shared secrets to understanding and communicating your value throughout the sales process, and winning deals when you have the best solution.  To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience. Here are…

The Value Coach’s Playbook 1.1: Midfielders. Prepare to Quantify Value – Frame the Discussion

Coaching.  Coaches make the difference between pickup soccer and championship football. Great coaches prepare their team mentally and physically.  During the match they orchestrate player adjustments by reading opportunities and diagnosing challenges. They address mental and emotional fragility. They motivate…

Enhance Your Sales Performance by Selling Value Q&A

For our January Webinar, Tim Smith, PhD shared strategies for incorporating value into your sales process with strategy and tools. To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience. Here are his live answers: How do you assess…

Improve B2B Commercial Decisions. Navigate Your Customer’s Journey to Value with Strong Adoption Programs.

Welcome to the age of buyer empowerment.  In embracing the aim of enabling B2B buyers, we naturally position the customer’s journey as a pivot point for our business plans and decisions.  The Knowledge@Wharton network features a Dell-sponsored article with a…

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