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What Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and Your B2B Enterprise Customers Want to Know

CNBC Mad Money’s dynamic host, Jim Cramer, educates and teaches viewers how to analyze and select stocks in today’s complex financial world. Mr. Cramer attracts a TV and Radio audience measured daily in the “hundreds of thousands” with a diverse…

Nailing the Successful New Product Introduction

We product managers currently manage to hit the nail on the head ONLY 1 out of 4 times with new product introductions. In other words, 3 out of 4 product launches FAIL to hit their revenue goals and some do…

Tackling the 7 Challenges and Unleashing the Power of B2B Value

What sometimes seems to be forgotten is that the pursuit of a value orientation to the business involves a lot more than just the sales force. Selling on value involves organisational change, not just a sales force training workshop. The…

Sales tool that empowers corporate vision

#1 Thing Top B2B Reps Do to Engage Senior Buyers

As a senior buyer, my email inbox fills with offers from sales enablement vendors promising to increase sales productivity with sales skills training, new methodologies, faster access to content, improved negotiation techniques, etc. that all have three common traits: major…

Selling Complex Products and Solutions Profitably: Grappling with 4 Enterprise Sales and Presales Strategic Trends

For complex B2B products, specialization and customization are two unstoppable waves in business strategy and organization. Sales teams increasingly include specialist presales professionals who make it possible to address complex problems and apply complex solutions in customer-facing roles. Customization of…

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