3 Reasons Why Sticking with the Status Quo Will Negatively Impact Your Sales Success in 2018

“If you won’t or can’t embrace powerful trends quickly and if you fight them, you’re probably fighting the future. Embrace them and you have a tailwind.” – Jeff Bezos Amazon has delivered tremendous revenue growth and shareholder value by embracing…

B2B Sales Strategy

How to Quantify Intangible Value: Your Brand Reputation

The second in a series of articles with practical advice for quantifying customer value. In part one we covered how to quantify the value of reduced downtime.  For this installment we tackle another favorite source of intangible value: brand reputation….

cloud-based data

Is Your Commercial Team Self-centered or Customer-centered? Value Propositions Focus Conversations on the Audience that Matters

Is our B2B commercial team self-centered?  Or is it customer-centered? This obvious question for any C-suite is rarely asked in public and even more rarely answered.  For any self-respecting business leader, there is only one satisfactory answer.  Frequently, the honest…

A Seller’s Guide to Digital Transformation: Themes from the CEB, Now Gartner Conference

I spent last week in beautiful Las Vegas, where LeveragePoint sponsored the CEB, Now Gartner’s Sales and Marketing Summit. I met so many great people, and listened to incredible thought leaders share their expertise on the past, present, and future…

CEB, Now Gartner Sales and Marketing Summit – Day 3

Me, again! But don’t worry, Day 3 was short and sweet, so this post will be too. I made it to one presentation before the conference wrapped up. Michael McCune, Senior Executive Advisor at CEB, delivered a presentation centered around…

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