[Part 2] Execute on Account-based Marketing: Value Propositions for Specific, Account-Centric Sales

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) can only fulfill its potential if it delivers consistent content that is useful for Account-Based Selling (ABS).  The best B2B sales teams already utilize ABS, having realized that one-dimensional, product-centric selling is not enough.  These sales teams…

[Part 1] Execute on Account-Based Marketing: Targeted, Personalized Content for Sales Engagement

Connecting with your audience is fundamental to any effective communication. Who?  What audience are you targeting?  High performing B2B sales executives have long targeted accounts and individuals deliberately. Now Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives align sales and marketing jointly to target…

[Part 2 of 2] Taking a Value-based Product Approach and Avoiding Common Missteps

Last week, in Part 1 of this blog series, I discussed what a value-based product strategy is and how it helps make better decisions on differentiation. Now it’s time to address the 6 major ways where I’ve seen Product Managers…

[Part 1 of 2] Taking a Value-based Product Approach and Avoiding Common Missteps

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, I’ll discuss what a value-based product strategy is, how it helps make better decisions, and helps differentiate. Next week, in Part 2, I’ll dive into the common missteps product managers make about…

Selling Value from Qualification to Close Q&A

Following our May 2018 Webinar, Selling Value from Qualification to Close, we began our standard Q&A session with our presenter, LeveragePoint’s CEO, Peyton Marshall. What’s your recommendation for companies that have absolutely no idea how to buy value? Don’t be naive….

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