What Do Your Existing Products Deliver to Your Customers? Five Disciplines to Embed Value Management in Product Management

Two of the Five Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates, according to U.S. News & World Report are “Product Manager” and “Product marketing manager and brand marketing manager.”[1] McKinsey recently highlighted the product management talent dilemma.  Strategy + Business has pointed to…

Jumpstart Value Selling by Using Existing Data

Value Selling is a proven way for B2B companies to increase win rates and improve profitability. Despite this, most companies don’t realize these benefits. Why is that? Why don’t most organizations get started? When I talk with sales leaders on…

How Customer Centric is Your B2B Commercial Team? A Focused, Digital Approach for the 20’s

If hearing “the 20’s” conjures up visions of gangsters, gender rights, and low-cost wireless entertainment, then maybe your head is in the wrong century. Then again, maybe not. In any event, the 2020’s are arriving.  Whenever we hit a round…

Pricing & Selling Packaged B2B Solutions – Part 5: Fusion vs Fission: To Bundle or Not to Bundle

Fusion is more powerful than fission. H-bombs are more destructive than A-bombs.  Yet fusion-based power is still many years and hundreds of billions of dollars away from commercial reality, even though fission-based electricity peaked a decade ago.  Neither smashing atoms…

Best Practices for Accelerating Your Value Strategy Q&A

For our October Webinar, Stephan Liozu shared best practices for accelerating value strategy deployment and overall value transformations.  To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience. Here are his live answers: Can you give some best practice…

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