B2B Enterprise Sales Leaders: “What do you do for your customers?” — Do your sales reps answer the same way you do?

At B2B Global 2000 Enterprises only the CEO, Sales Leader, and their top 10% sales reps consistently succeed at addressing this question with customers; and qualify the opportunity in the process. Why is it so difficult to get all sales…

Identifying Your Value in Your Customer’s Supply Chain

Read this if your product is sold to OEMs or through distribution channels! We’ve written many a blog post about customer value quantification: namely the virtues, the challenges, and most importantly the how-to-do-its. So if you are interested in that…

Selling to the C-Suite: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Any C-suite meeting for B2B sales teams is an important event. It represents that rare opportunity to access decision-makers directly, to leverage senior management in motivating customer teams and to break the logjam of customer inaction. Yet the outcome of…

Selling to the C-suite: Preparing Sales Teams for Random Encounters & Predictable Questions

The successful sale of a complex B2B product or solution often faces the twin challenges of addressing multiple customer stakeholders and of driving change or innovation at a customer organization. Engaging a customer executive can improve the quality of a…

Selling to the C-Suite: Understand Your Audience

For B2B companies with big ticket, innovative solutions, selling to the C-suite can become organizational mom and apple pie. It isn’t surprising. All it takes is a single sales success story. For innovative products or solutions with significant customer impact,…

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