Re-Entry from COVID-19: The Next Normal as the Fog Starts to Lift

For all of its isolation and distancing, April 2020 will go down in history as a month of global unity.  Across almost every town, region and country, virtually all humans have been living one of two primary experiences.  The care…

Not a Snow Day, Not a Bubble Burst – The Next Normal in B2B

In one long month, our lives have changed profoundly.  A month ago, the Western world was quaking from free-falling markets and waking up to social distancing, still naïve to the human and economic toll of Covid-19.  Now our eyes are…

Three B2B Sales Trends Since the Last Pandemic: How to Succeed in Human and Business Terms This Time Around

At LeveragePoint, we recognize that COVID-19 will have an impact on society that transcends the world of B2B sales and marketing. Our thoughts and prayers are with those providing care and those who are impacted.  We hope to do what…

May the Best Solution Win: Selling Strategies to Convey Your Superior Value Q&A

For our February Webinar, Mike Wilkinson shared secrets to understanding and communicating your value throughout the sales process, and winning deals when you have the best solution.  To conclude the webinar, he answered some questions from the audience. Here are…

How Customer Centric is Your B2B Commercial Team? A Focused, Digital Approach for the 20’s

If hearing “the 20’s” conjures up visions of gangsters, gender rights, and low-cost wireless entertainment, then maybe your head is in the wrong century. Then again, maybe not. In any event, the 2020’s are arriving.  Whenever we hit a round…

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