Successful B2B Value Propositions – 4 Keys to Sales Adoption

Great content should have great impact. Strong Value Propositions for differentiated products are often terrific content. But the impact of a Value Proposition on sales results frequently depends not just on the content itself, but on how product management and…

Embedding Customer Value in Your B2B Enterprise: Transcending the Revenge of the Nerds

“Customer Value” is a hot topic. If you Google it, you get 119 million hits. That compares to 52.7 million hits for “Lead Generation” and 15.4 million for “B2B Sales.” Yet when you try to find someone who understands Customer…

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Customer Preference: Knowledge & Expertise – Using Customer Value and Speed to Build Trust with Buyers

We all operate in competitive marketplaces where there’s been an influx in competitors – you could be competing against two, three, four, five, six competitors on every deal. At the end of the day, customers get information overload and look…

Choosing the Best Unit of Measure When Comparing the Value of Your Product Versus Alternatives

The critical step of defining a unit of measure can be easily overlooked when determining your product’s value versus alternatives. A best practice is to choose an important customer key performance metric (KPI) that is relevant when comparing your product’s…

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Designing Effective B2B Value Propositions: 3 Questions Product Managers Should Ask to Engage Sales

At boot camp for B2B product managers, the sergeants drill recruits to understand customer value.  Basic training starts with differentiated features, moves to customer benefits and ascends to quantified customer value.  Those who don’t wash out emerge with an obsession…

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