What Is Value Creation and Value Communication in a Value-based Pricing Strategy

As we noted in an earlier post, a successful value-based pricing strategy involves five components. Those effective strategies incorporate customer value with the value management elements of  value creation and value communication.  So what exactly are these elements? Value creation involves…

Partner Blog: Med Tech: The Threat of Price and Value Transparency – Part II

By Chris Provines, CEO, Value Vantage Partners Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Chris Provines’ blog. For more information on Chris, please visit his website. There are a number of forces converging that make price and value transparency a…

photography of people inside room during daytime

The Most Valuable Sales and Marketing Conversation That Never Happened

  Sales and marketing alignment is the buzzword of B2B organizations today.  There has been much progress in creating conversations between marketing and the customer, and between sales and the customer. And now there is a lively discussion coming to…

person holding pencil near laptop computer

Delivering Value Faster Using Agile Development and Lean Startup Methods

Every software enterprise wants to get functionality that delivers real customer value into the hands of their customers as fast as possible. Taking 6-12 months hidden away in the coding bunker to build the ideal solution is too risky. What…

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: The Career Roadblock that Excel Built

I don’t know why I got my first job.  Maybe it was because I could analyze stuff.  And it had been a while since the last hiring freeze. They gave me a desk and a computer with this brand new…

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