Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Aholic: The Career Roadblock that Excel Built

I don’t know why I got my first job.  Maybe it was because I could analyze stuff.  And it had been a while since the last hiring freeze. They gave me a desk and a computer with this brand new…

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On-demand Webinar: How to Implement Value-based Pricing in B2B Enterprises

Did you miss this month’s webinar, “How to Implement Value-based Pricing in B2B Enterprises“? You can watch the on-demand version, and listen as Joanne Smith, former Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing at DuPont and author of  The Pricing and…

5 Points How Sales Can Engage Executives in Business Conversations

In a recent Forrester Research study of more than 400 U.S. executive buyers, only 19% of those surveyed felt their meetings with salespeople were valuable and lived up to expectations.  As sales professionals, we certainly would take issue with this…

Quantifying the “Value” of Healthcare Products: 6 Clear Signals that Even Washington Can’t Derail This Train

A wait-and-see approach in healthcare can be habit-forming.  Especially in the face of political gridlock. “Maybe I can keep my current healthplan.” “ Maybe the medical devices tax will be repealed.”  “Maybe the next electronic health records software will be…

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Connecting Strategy with Behaviors and Results Using the Cloud

  There is a new way of activating business methods using cloud-based platforms that combine online tools, collaboration, and data with coaching and e-learning in fully integrated interfaces. These solutions create impactful ways to activate corporate strategy because they create…

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