23 Tips to Close Sales

Guest Post by Ian Smith, Originally Published on 4/28/13 The WSJ headline article screamed off the page. IBM results had disappointed. The shares dropped 8%, that’s $19billion in real money! The main reason sighted for the disappointment – sales staff…

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Bundle Your Products & Services So the Value of 1+1=3

Leading B2B companies know and understand how to effectively sell the value of their products to customers. Yet selling multiple products or modules together to create complete solutions for the customer presents its own unique set of challenges. In return…

Case Study: Extending the Product Lifecycle in Specialty Chemicals

New product development has been identified by industry leaders as the most important opportunity for embedding value-based strategy to maximize customer value and profit. However, leading companies continue to face key challenges, including the commoditization of products, intense price competition,…

The Value Pricing Chain Part 2

Guest Post by Jerry Bernstein. This was originally published in the Aug 2012 edition of ‘The Pricing Advisor’ Link 3: Selling Value The keys to selling value are: Communicating value in language that resonates with the customer. This language should…

A Case Study for Learning Value-Based Pricing: Simon Graduate School of Business

This is a guest post written by Professor Rick Cardot, Director of Center for Pricing at the Simon Graduate School at the University of Rochester. The Simon School, known for its economics-based empirical and analytical research, has taken a unique approach to…

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