Does Your Company Need a Chief Value Officer?

The world of business and economics change fast and is getting more complex every decade. Firms are faced with the choice to adapt, reinvent, and differentiate themselves or die. Over the past few years, the nature and intensity of these…

Selling Value in B2B

Value Selling is a term to describe what high performing Sales professionals do day in and day out. At its core, Value Selling is about effectively communicating to customers how your solutions are better than the competition and articulating how…

Making the Business Case for Investments in Value-Based Pricing

Guest post by Stephan Liozu of Ardex America Inc. Of the three main approaches to pricing in industrial markets ─ cost-based, competition-based and value-based ─ the latter has been shown superior in many circumstances (see John Hogan’s study on this)….

Notes from Dreamforce – Collabor-8

Last week I attended the annual Dreamforce gathering in San Francisco (their 8th, my 2nd). Once again it was a most impressive turnout in terms of size (15,000) as well as in celebrity (Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Marc…

two people sitting during day

Leveraging a SaaS Value Story

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and more generally cloud computing are now widely accepted as a perfectly viable IT strategy for large and small enterprises alike. There are even services companies focused on accelerating the adoption of cloud computing, such as Appirio. The…

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