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3 Habits of Enterprise B2B “A-players” to Win More Deals at Higher Prices

The “moment of truth” for B2B sales reps selling complex enterprise solutions involving multiple stakeholders is the time presenting and interacting with customers. A recent Richardson Training whitepaper stated, “Sales Professionals who prepare and deliver meetings of high value to…

3 Ways Marketing Helps B2B Sales Teams to Win 15% More Deals at 20% Higher Prices

Today’s leading Global B2B Enterprise CEOs and CMOs target two specific areas for increasing top-line revenue and profitability: Tightly aligning Marketing with Sales revenue goals. Traditional Marketing metrics of website visitors, email opens, time on website, MQLs, etc. remain important…

Selling Complex B2B Products and Solutions: Presales & Effective Customization Using Value Propositions

B2B sales teams increasingly include presales professionals who explain complex technology and apply complex solutions in customer-facing roles. As content and solutions are increasingly customized to account specifics, presales team members provide the necessary knowledge, bandwidth and experience to support…

Tackling the 7 Challenges and Unleashing the Power of B2B Value

What sometimes seems to be forgotten is that the pursuit of a value orientation to the business involves a lot more than just the sales force. Selling on value involves organisational change, not just a sales force training workshop. The…

Selling Complex Products and Solutions Profitably: Grappling with 4 Enterprise Sales and Presales Strategic Trends

For complex B2B products, specialization and customization are two unstoppable waves in business strategy and organization. Sales teams increasingly include specialist presales professionals who make it possible to address complex problems and apply complex solutions in customer-facing roles. Customization of…

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