Mobilize Value Selling: How To Increase Your Sales Velocity

VIEW THE WEBINAR RECORDING BELOW Value Selling enables B2B companies to increase pipeline, grow average deal size, improve win rates, and reduce sales cycles.  Implementing a successful value selling program requires the creation of compelling value propositions, along with tools…

The Value Coach’s Playbook – Part 1: Quantify Value

Value Management and Value Selling are proven strategies to improve B2B commercial performance and profitability. Sustainable Value Management seldom happens by accident. Top-performing B2B businesses implement programs and disciplines to embed these efforts. Value management starts with good quantification. Great…

Tool Release Notes: May 2020

May 2020 Release Notes New for this release: Support for conditional/logical formulas, allowing more flexibility in Price and Value Driver calculations, enabling more complex Value Modeling, and improving the ability to turn various parts of the Value Proposition on/off based…

Customer Success Equals Delivered Value: Customer Conversations To Keep and Grow Your Accounts

VIEW THE WEBINAR RECORDING BELOW In times of uncertainty, the best B2B companies focus on their current customers.  Customer Success is mission critical. Retaining and expanding customers provides the best chance of sustaining growth in a recession. Existing account managers…

The LeveragePoint Value Excellence Series Recap – Value Management Track

Thank you for participating in the LeveragePoint Value Excellence series! Over the past ten weeks, you took the time to acquire Value Management skills and develop strategies to thrive working remotely and beyond. We’re excited to hear about the ways…

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