[Part 1 of 2] Taking a Value-based Product Approach and Avoiding Common Missteps

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, I’ll discuss what a value-based product strategy is, how it helps make better decisions, and helps differentiate. Next week, in Part 2, I’ll dive into the common missteps product managers make about…

The Biggest Value Quantification Mistake You Can Make: Units of Measure

The third in a series of articles with practical advice for quantifying customer value. Having worked closely with several B2B product teams quantifying customer value, I can state confidently that most product managers don’t know jack about units of measure….

Three Ways Product Managers Miss with the Sales Team

    I’d like to share a few examples of how well-intentioned product managers get it wrong with sales people. All are based on real interactions we’ve had working with product, marketing and sales teams at large B2B enterprises (identities…

Value Story Telling is Key to New Product Launch Success Q&A

LeveragePoint’s January Webinar, Value Story Telling is Key to New Product Launch Success, Q&A: Why not do this all (value propositions) using spreadsheets and PowerPoints in a shared drive? This is usually the default solution. The biggest problem is it’s…

Value Story Telling is Key to New Product Launch Success

As many of us know, the track record for new product launches isn’t a pretty picture. Frankly, the success rate has been dismal for a long time – only 1 out of 4 new products ever reach their revenue or…

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