How to Test a Value Proposition: 4 Steps to Maximize Sales Team Usability of Value Content

Value selling delivers results.  CRM data from B2B organizations that have adopted value selling demonstrate that opportunities where a Value Proposition is used result in: (1) 5-15% higher win rates and (2) 5-25% higher price outcomes. But the content and…

Design Useful Value Propositions for Sales: Value Analyzed Can Only Be Captured if Value is Communicated

B2B product launch teams can produce some great analyses.  New products about to launch are regularly propelled into the spotlight of management and sales attention.  Team presentations at big internal meetings typically become the focal point for a launch team’s…

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Is it Really that Hard to Quantify Customer Value? 3 Hurdles B2B Product Managers Leap When They Create Value Propositions for Sales

Great product managers understand customers’ needs and communicate clearly how their product addresses them.  For B2B customers, there is one universal need: improved profitability.  That need is embedded in our economic system and in any set of management objectives. The…

New Product Launch Best Practices: July 2016 Webinar Q&A Session

In July, we did a webinar to share insights about improving the success of new product launches which was summarized in this earlier blog Nailing the Successful New Product Introduction. We also received several excellent questions during the webinar. Below…

Value Propositions for B2B Sales: 5 Steps for Product Managers to Create Great Value Content

Value Propositions improve B2B sales team performance, addressing sales challenges throughout the B2B sales cycle. For account executives and sales reps, they are useful early in the sales cycle in call preparation, in building sales confidence, in qualifying opportunities and…

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