Value Propositions for B2B Sales Teams — The Best Visuals & The Best Numbers: Economic Value, TCO, ROI & Breakeven

There are some pretty good B2B value spreadsheets out there.  Clear inputs and assumptions.  Well documented supporting notes and sources.  Nice scenario analyses. There are some pretty smart creators of these spreadsheets, including product managers and other presales professionals.  The…

Selling to the C-Suite: Understand Your Audience

For B2B companies with big ticket, innovative solutions, selling to the C-suite can become organizational mom and apple pie. It isn’t surprising. All it takes is a single sales success story. For innovative products or solutions with significant customer impact,…

More Awesome Value Charts

My previous blog post, 5 Value Charts that Make an Awesome First Impression, generated enough interest in the value community to deserve a follow-up. This time I want to illustrate a specific example of how to prepare different kinds of…

5 Value Charts that Make an Awesome First Impression

First impressions matter, especially during an initial meeting with a prospective customer. They matter because it’s your best chance to convince customers that your solution can deliver superior value. But exactly how you communicate your superior value is a challenge…

Value Selling: How Great B2B Organizations Succeed

Value-based selling helps sales fill the pipeline, close more deals and realize better prices. The benefits are clear. So why aren’t companies more effective in implementing value selling?   B2B enterprises commit to selling customer value. They invest time and…

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