Quantifying Customer Value: How Good Do the Data Have to Be?

The benefits of value-based strategies are clear.1 B2B enterprises win by selling differentiated offerings. They win profitably by realizing prices that reflect the customer value of that differentiation. They win profitably and consistently by understanding and communicating the value of…

The BIGGEST Challenge to Quantifying Value (It’s NOT What You Think)

I’ll bet you a doughnut that if you were to ask business people what their biggest challenge to quantifying the value of their solution, most would say “data”. Data: meaning a lack of customer research or competitive intelligence. In fact,…

Challenges of B2B Sales: How Value Propositions Can Address the 4 C’s

Hitting B2B sales and profitability targets is not getting any easier. As sales cycles lengthen, conversion rates drop and sales teams close unprofitable deals, diagnosing the underlying causes and taking steps to address them is crucial for Sales Management. For…

Best Practices to Build Value Drivers

In value modeling, the key step is the quantification of economic value, or what is sometimes referred to in the U.S. as “dollarization.” In LeveragePoint, this is when you’re adding or creating value drivers. At its core, each value driver…

September 2014 Tool Tip: Creating Complex Value Driver Formulas

Question: How do I create complex value driver formulas? Answer: One of the great advantages of using LeveragePoint for your value modeling (vs. spreadsheets, for example) is the user-friendly handling of complex formulas. The key is to make smart use…

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