September Webinar


PPS Insights on B2B Pricing Strategies & Trends for Leading B2B Enterprises

Presented by: Kevin Mitchell, President,  
Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 24 | 1:00 - 1:45 PM EDT
Who Should View:
Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers of:
- Pricing
- Product Management
- Product Marketing

The practice of pricing in B2B enterprises has evolved considerably over the past two decades. It is no longer a specialized silo function, but rather a strategic capability embedded into the product management, marketing and sales processes and technology. The most profitable B2B enterprises are the major adopters of this new approach. Join our September webinar, where Professional Pricing Society (PPS) President, Kevin Mitchell, shares his insights on the current trends in pricing and what to expect as the field continues to evolve and gain more influence.
Based on his experience and PPS member surveys, Kevin will share…

  • The successful pricing strategies employed by best-of-breed B2B enterprises 
  • Latest trends in B2B pricing
  • The future evolution of B2B pricing

The Professional Pricing Society is the industry’s preeminent professional association whose membership includes all of the major global B2B enterprises, consultancies, thought-leaders and technology partners. In his leadership role, Kevin has unique perspectives of what the best-of-breed companies are doing today and where they are headed in the future.
Don’t miss your opportunity to see how your pricing strategies and tactics stack up against B2B leaders and the pricing trends you should be watching. 


About the Presenter:


Kevin Mitchell is the President of The Professional Pricing Society (PPS), the worldwide professional organization dedicated to pricing training, education, and networking. He is also the Publisher of The Pricing Advisor monthly newsletter and the quarterly Journal of Professional Pricing. Kevin is a frequent speaker at pricing conferences and events in North America and Europe where he often discusses trends and demographic changes within the pricing discipline.  Before joining PPS in 2007, he worked for 11 years in various Financial Management fields with Colgate-Palmolive and General Electric. 






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