Tool Release Notes: March 2017

March 2017 New for this release: Review Process. Model owners can now “re-open” completed reviews. NOTE: Email notifications and review process are configuration-level options. Please contact LeveragePoint for details. New Charts for Value Propositions. The summary slide carousel now has…

Customer Success Tip: March 2017

ADDITIONAL FLEXIBILITY WITH VALUE MODEL REVIEW PROCESS As any large corporation knows, managing stakeholders on a project can be a difficult process that often becomes a time sink. LeveragePoint recognizes this pain point and has been working to add additional…

Partnering with Sales: Best Practices for Price Increases

VIEW FULL RECORDING BELOW! Watch our April 11th webinar where Joanne Smith, former Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing at DuPont, and president of Price to Profits Consulting will share best practices for partnering with sales to improve your price increase…

Tool Release Notes: February 2017

February 2017 New for this release: Review Process. LeveragePoint has added the first part of new functionality that supports a company review process for value models. In this release, value model owners can assign multiple reviewers by role, and then notify…

A Seller’s Look at Value Propositions: Monetizing Your Solution

View full recording below! In this webinar, Mike Wilkinson of Axia Value Solutions will be taking a seller’s look at Value Propositions. Many Value Propositions have no monetary component, and are generally a little more than wishful thinking; to articulate a…

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