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How to Pull It Off: Raising Prices When Others Have Given Their Customer the Power to Set Prices

As supplies of everything from key components to temporary services grow scarcer, an unusually large number of companies are trying to manage excess demand. In the past, there was a simple ...

When You’ve Lost the Power to Set Prices

We’re all still watching our wallets. The economy, if no longer in free fall, remains weak, and consumers and corporate buyers alike are closely evaluating every purchase they make. Competition ...

Managing Price Competition

No weapon in a marketer’s arsenal can boost sales more quickly than price, so it's easy to become seduced by discounting and fail to recognize the long-term consequences. Here, we look at the ...

Value Pricing in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry in Europe is working hard on the improvement of their profitability base. But while innovation and complexity management are heavily discussed by the industry’s top ...

How to Manage an Aggressive Competitor

While the economy struggles, managers are pressured to continue growing their businesses, and some will be tempted to use price competition to spur growth. More thoughtful managers may well ...


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